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Microcut Plus

Microcut plus is designed to automate backgauge movement on any paper cutter, regardless of brand or size. The benefits include increased productivity, greater accuracy, and improved reliability.

A full-color, multilingual LCD display guides the operator, with all operations presented in an intuitive, easy-to- understand format. Setup is fast and simple, with no complicated codes to memorize or reference. The current backgauge position is clearly displayed in inches, centimeters or millimeters, depending on operator preference.

Microcut plus moves the backgauge into correct position faster and more accurately than skilled manual operation. The confidence of computer-controlled precision translates into significant increases in productivity - often 50% and more. The system's patented DC servo drive assures mechanical repeatability of the backgauge position to ± .002 inches (.05 mm) regardless of leadscrew wear.

Microcut plus memorizes cutting sequences instantly, stores them indefinitely, and recalls them at the touch of a button. The system frees the operator from the wasted time and risk of error associated with repetitive data entry. Its ability to automatically program a job while cutting the first lift turns setup time into production time, making automation effective for even two and three lift jobs.

The entry and review of programs is quick and easy. Advanced programming options include label and sheet divide, allowing complicated jobs to be programmed with only a few data entries, with screen graphics further simplifying the process. Fractions, lay changes, additions, or deletions can be easily entered through the keyboard. Non volatile memory insures data is never lost.

A proprietary power console accepts a broad range of voltages, 50 or 60 Hz, and has provisions for control of air and such external devices as loading and off-loading equipment.

Additional features include a floppy disk drive for data exchange, including software updates. It also serves as an inexpensive medium for storing job data. microfacts®, the industry's first real time automatic data collection system for paper cutters, captures information relative to the job and machine for downloading to a PC. cutternet® allows one or more cutters to be networked for data exchange or programming from a remote PC.

Many paper cutters already have some form of automatic backgauge control, but may have become difficult and expensive to maintain.

These machines are generally sound mechanically and, with the addition of microcut plus, can quickly and easily be returned to a high level of productivity and reliability for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

All microcut® systems are designed for ease of operation and years of trouble-free service. In the unlikely event service is required, on-board diagnostics, together with modular construction and plug-in connectors, insure GMS's ability to provide timely and responsive after-sale support.

  • Solid state circuitry
  • Full color, multilingual, 8" (20.3 mm) display for prompting the operator through all operations
  • Patented independent DC motor drive
  • Patented microprocessor controlled infinitely variable backgauge positioning
  • 500,000 job selections
  • Repeatability of backgauge positions to ± .002 inches (.05 mm) regardless of leadscrew wear
  • Automatic backgauge return
  • Operator defined inch/metric display
  • Program entry or correction through keyboard with the backgauge stationary or while cutting the first lift
  • Insertion or deletion of commands from existing programs
  • Automatic computation and entry of fractions
  • Stock eject, turnaround, and loading points
  • Infinite lay compensate mode for as many sides as requested
  • Non-volatile memory - no batteries required for memory support
  • Auxiliary controls (optional) for air and/or brake control
  • Minimum trim cut: .002 inch (.05 mm)
  • Speed range: 20 - 960 inches per minute forward and reverse depending on size and condition of cutter
  • Self-diagnostic electronics
  • Electrical: 85 - 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1 K KVA
  • Warranted for one year from date of shipment against defects in parts and workmanship
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